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Welcome to the SK team

This guide describes the onboarding from a volunteer side. For the SK perspective see Volunteer onboarding.

Hej and welcome to the SK team!

This guide will be your companion during the onboarding. We are a very organic team and many things might seem fuzzy. This handbook will guide you into through our djungle. Feel free to browse through the book to whatever interests you.

Here is your checklist for getting started at SK:

  • You've already found this handbook, great! It's an alive book that is written and rewritten by all of us. Whenever you have a question and you think the answer should be written in the handbook, it's your initiative to put it in :)
  • You will get access to our core tools, i.e.
    • Slack for async on-spot communication
    • editing access to the Smartakartan Handbook for persistent information
  • Become KES member.
  • Please add some contact details in your Slack profile, so that we can reach you.
  • You will get to know Jonte, Laetitia and Daniel (→ Our Team)
  • You will get a mentor/contact person assigned. Your mentor is there for you.
  • Read about our communication. It contains many pointers to follow our distributed working style.
  • We often meet Wednesday in the coworking space Llama Lloyd (short Llama:n). Join us :)
  • Typically, we have standups Mondays and Thursdays 8:45 (last minute changes might be announced in #ke_om_smarta_kartan). Join us for increased immersion and team feeling.

Some notes about volunteering at SK:

  • Our organic work lives from your and our all's experience, contribution and, first of all, agency. If you see that something could be improved or better tools be used: Improve things, reach out. Teach us.
  • We strive for creating a great product of highest quality with stable progress. We'd love you to be clear and reliable in your commitments  and communication.
  • In SK, volunteering can feel like working. While it is fun and allows us to be efficient, we have to remember that this is volunteer work. This is your spare time.
  • If you're struggling or having mixed feelings about something, please reach out earlier than later to your mentor or your favorite member of our team!