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Volunteer onboarding

Smartakartan Handbook

This guide describes the onboarding from the SK perspective. The guide for the volunteer is Welcome to the SK team. New volunteers need access to Slack editing access to the Handbook probably access to the Gitlab repo Present them in the #ke_aktivamed...

Kollaborativ Ekonomi Sverige (KES)

Smartakartan Handbook

KES stands for Kollaborativ Ekonomi Sverige (Swedisch for Collaborative Economy Sweden) and is, besides others, a think tank that aspires after and explores solutions for tomorrow's community in an empirical way. Smartakartan was born in this society is slowi...

Volunteer ad template

Working documents HR

Do you want to contribute to building the next version of We are looking for :- UX designers- React/Typescript developers Come and experience a unique environment, where your contributions will be truly meaningful! Who we are SK is the Swe...


Working documents UX

Notes for content 1.2 YT videos must be accessible (sign language, audio content) no flashes must be in easy language no abbreviations no unusual words Notes for UX 1.3.3 1.4.3 other notes the text in the search bar is truncated some...

What is Smartakartan?

Smartakartan Handbook

Smartakartan (SK) is the Swedish platform for sharing economy. It is KES' flagship and a map of community initiatives as well as the entrypoint to the platform. SK wants to make it easier for people to live more sustainably, by encouraging community, new meeti...

Regular Meetings

Smartakartan Handbook

This document describes the different types of meetings we have. For our general remote work mode checkout Communication and working mode. Standups We meet semiweekly on Mondays and Thursdays 9:10 in our Jitsi room for quick ...

Decision making

Smartakartan Handbook

Decision can be made on several different levels. Operational day-to-day decisions can be taken by any volunteer and should be discussed in a small team (Wednesdays is a great occasion for this) and at least presented in the standup. Bigger decisions need to...

Beta version

Smartakartan Handbook

We're building the next version 4.0 of Smartakartan right now. You can find the development at and a preview at Feel free to play around and test this new version. F...


Working documents UX

Miroboard by Madeleine (seems deleted) →

Our products

Working documents Business development

City packages for SK Other offers  

Picture Guidelines

Smartakartan Handbook

Take photos in landscape mode and that it can be cropped as a square. Always ask if it’s ok to take pictures. Tell the people photographed that they will be on the smart map. Ask for their names for GDPR purposes. The best photo is a photo of the place fro...